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Velvet Shark
Pure Canadian Elk Velvet and Pure Shark Cartilage

The biochemistry of the body is extremely complex and operates within a number of different systems. Our bodies need nourishment for maintenance and repair to achieve peak levels of performance.

Velvet Shark is a unique combination of velvet antler and pure shark cartilage extract. The pairing of these two incredible products provides both nutritional and therapeutic benefits to our bodies. It is the pairing of the mucopolysaccharides, which exist in both the velvet antler and shark cartilage, that create this powerful synergy.

Unlike mammals, a shark has no bones. Shark cartilage is shiny gristle that presents itself in long strands, which are tough, elastic connective tissue. Through extensive studies, scientists have discovered compounds showing shark cartilage to have potential benefits for many people, including individuals with reduced resistance and those recovering from wounds and inflammation.

What has generated both scientific and public interest in cartilage over the past several decades is the fact that sharks are amazingly healthy. Sharks are cancer free and even those who suffer massive wounds heal quickly and are free from infection. What researchers have discovered is that the cartilage of the skeleton contains a substance, which give sharks immunity to carcinogens, mutagens, pollutants and other immune suppressants. The most effective form of cartilage is orally administered dry shark cartilage - the form utilized in ISI's shark cartilage.

Velvet antler is immature elk antler that is harvested after an extraordinarily rapid growth period of approximately 65 days. It has been used in Asia for over 2000 years and, when harvested during peak growing periods, has demonstrated important nutritional characteristics.

Velvet antler is a rich source of growth factor activities and contains a highly complex mixture of organic and inorganic substances.

InnerSense harvests its velvet antler at the height of potency utilizing a specialized drying process; and because actively growing antler is not of uniform composition, uses only whole beam antler in its velvet antler products.

Each Velvet Shark Food Concentrate capsule contains 315 mg (50:50) of 100% pure North American velvet antler and pure shark cartilage extract. No fillers, additives, yeast, milk, egg, colour or binders have been added.

Please consult your health care practitioner regarding treatment of specific health disorders.

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