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Pure Shark Cartilage Extract

Unlike mammals, a shark has no bones. Its prehistoric skeleton is the same today as it was over 300 million years ago--a cartilage rather than a calcified bone skeleton. Shark cartilage is shiny gristle that presents itself in long strands which are tough, elastic connective tissue. Cartilage comprises between 6 and 10 percent of the shark's total body weight.

What has generated both scientific and public interest in cartilage over the past several decades is the fact that sharks are amazingly healthy. Sharks are cancer free and even those who suffer massive wounds, heal quickly and free of infection. What researchers have discovered is that the cartilage of the skeleton contains a substance which give sharks immunity to carcinogens, mutagens, pollutants and other immune suppressors.

Landmark research on cartilage began in 1974, with study and published scientific papers now showing that shark cartilage contains a protein substance that strongly inhibits the development of new, excessive blood network growth. Though all cartilage is avascular (without blood vessels) and contains this protein inhibitor, data clearly establishes that shark cartilage is 1,000 times more potent in this inhibitor than any other common types of cartilage.

Through extensive studies, our scientists have discovered the active ingredients in shark cartilage as well as the means of processing the cartilage so as to retain the bioavailability of the active ingredients for use as a health supplement. The discovered compounds show shark cartilage to have potential benefit for many, including those with reduced resistance and those recovering from wounds and inflammation.

Additionally, it has been shown in numerous published research works by prestigious facilities such as the Institute Jules Border in Brussels, Belgium and the University of Arizona Cancer/Research Center and by scientists associated with the University of Miami Medical School, that the most effective form of cartilage is orally administered dry shark cartilage-the form utilized in SharkCan.

As with all InnerSense products, SharkCan has the unique characteristics of biological standardization, FDA approved testing systems to assure non-toxicity, 100% natural ingredients, quality control, and assured bioavailability of active ingredients.

InnerSense uses only shark cartilage that is byproduct of the food processing industry and that would otherwise be discarded.

Each SharkCan capsule contains 150 mg of 100% pure extract from shark cartilage. No filters, ,additives, yeast, milk, egg, color or binders have been added.


Do to the nature of how SharkCan works, people who should not take SharkCan:

a) Pregnant women.
b) Children under 10 years of age.
c) Any person with a transplant organ.

Please consult your healthcare practitioner regarding treatment of specific health disorders.

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