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Ostrich Egg Shell

When you were a child, your mother probably told you to drink your milk, it's good for strong and healthy bones and teeth. Well, she-was right. Virtually everybody is aware of the of calcium in the diet. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and plays a key role in the strength and integrity of the bones. What your mother probably didn't know, however, is the role that calcium plays in the fight against such ailments as high blood pressure, heart disease, PMS and osteoporosis.

Calcium is crucial to maintain life, without it we would die. Just about every cell in the body, including those in the heart, nerves and muscles, relies on calcium to maintain their strength. In the body, about 99% of calcium is found in the skeleton, in the cells, and in the blood. Our bones are often referred to as a "reservoir" of calcium. It is the blood flowing through our bodies that carries calcium to the organs and cells where it is needed.

It is crucial that we know how much calcium we should be talking and how much we are actually taking.


7-9 / 700mg
10-12 / 900mg (boys)
10-12 / 1200-1400mg (girls)
13-16 / 1200-1400mg
17-18 / 1200mg
19-49 / 1000mg
50+ / 1000-1500*mg

*A Minimum of 1000mg is recommended, but higher intakes may be advisable if the risk of osteoporosis is high.

InnerSense Intenational's Ostrich Egg Shell is a rich, natural source of calcium carbonate. A familiar problem with standard calcium carbonate supplements is that they are not readily bioavailable (absorbed by the body). OES is an amazing supplement that is more than 99% bioavailable. This product has been put through the rigorous ISI testing standards and has proven itself to be a one of a kind product.

It can be difficult to get enough calcium from food alone, therefore "taking 500 - I 000 milligrams of calcium in supplement form can be an insurance for older people and pregnant women." (Dr. McCarron) Getting enough of this "miracle" nutrient every day may require a small effort. If you consider the payoff it's worth it.

Recommended use: Take two to four capsules daily with food or orange juice. Good for the whole family

Ingredients: Sterilized & ground Ostrich Egg Shell. Gelatin Capsule. This product is 100% pure arid does not contain yeast, milk, colour, artificial flavors, soya, fillers, or binders.

Please consult your health care practitioner regarding treatment of specific health disorders.

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