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Deer Antler Velvet: An ancient Oriental medicine enjoys growing popularity in the West.

The following excerpts are a reprint from, "The Deer Farmer", a magazine produced by the New Zealand game Industry Board and endorsed by the Hon.

The medicine with 200 years of History. Oriental Medicine shrouded in mystery and ancient beliefs has been keeping Asians well for thousands of years. Fundamental to it's practice is the use of deer antler velvet. The most important animal to Oriental Medicine is the deer, and the most prized part of the deer is the antler velvet.

Dr. Peter Yoon, a highly regarded doctor of oriental medicine from Seoul, South Korea, says the deer is recognized as a lucky animal that brings health and longevity.

Asians take velvet tonic to maintain good health, cure sickness, and strengthen a weakened body. He says velvet is both a tradition and a medication, and encompasses every aspect of Asian life.

In Chinese medicine, velvet antler is the main medicine for "increasing blood". Simon Wong of the Tak Tai Ginseng firm, Hong Kong, says this includes blood flow. "When Blood is increased then more energy will be generated and the body will be maintained in better health."

Oriental medicine differs from the scientific Western approach in that it is based on the promotion of health and prevention of illness rather than concentrating on treating sickness.

"When a disease appears in one part of the body, Oriental medicine does not limit it's treatment to that part alone, but treats the entire body and works to achieve an ideal physiological and spiritual balance, thereby bringing about a complete cure and a state of total health."

The first documented evidence of the use of velvet as a health tonic was found on a silk scroll in Hunan Province, China. The scroll is believed to be around 2000 years old and suggests several medical treatments for 52 different diseases. An English translation of excerpts reveals some of the health problems velvet and velvet products are used to overcome.

"Deer velvet tastes sweet and it's property is warm. It is used for reinforcing vital energy, strengthening memory and will, generating teeth, curing persistent vaginal blood discharges, Lochia (discharge following child birth), and treating fevers and Epilepsy.

Deer antler cures sores, carbuncles, expels pathogens as well as retain blood in uterus. It is also used for treating consumptive disease and illness caused by over-exertion, Lumbago, excessive loss of weight, repairing the body, reinforcing vital energy, curing infertile, stopping pain and preventing miscarriage. Prolonged consumption would keep the body light and extend longevity."

He says velvet is also used to remedy kidney defiency, and gastro-intestinal disorders, to improve low blood pressure, and eliminate anemina.

It is also used to promote rapid healing by aiding the regeneration of damaged tissue, to treat natural disorders and menopause in women, and improve weak bones and sinuses. In Dr. Yoon's clinic about 70% of velvet consumers are children who are prescribed it as a tonic to improve growth. It is also used in the treatment of arthritis, and otseomyeli. It is regarded as being a particular benefit to older people subject to calcium deficiency.

"We have experimental results which show deer velvet has a good effect in preventing respiratory diseases such as influenza.


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