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Hi Potency Premium Quality Ginseng
Panex Quinquefolium

Ginseng has been used by the Asians for as long as their history has been recorded. Their everyday use of ginseng for its curative powers is a matter of course. It is considered "the most energy giving tonic known to mankind."

North American Indians believed ginseng to have magical healing powers and used ginseng for many of the same ailments the Asians had treated with ginseng for thousands of years.

Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Korean scientists have done most of the research on the chemical composition of ginseng, with hundreds of study papers being completed in the last 40 years.

Currently, a highly knowledgeable team of doctors, professors and researchers have formed the "Canadian Ginseng Research Foundation." Dr. T Francis of the University of Toronto will be examining the effects of ginseng on stress levels. Dr. C. Khan is studying various attributes of ginseng at McMaster University. Dr. L. Wang of the University of Alberta is studying ginseng's role in memory functions.

Ginseng can successfully be used to overcome tiredness, weakness, poor vitality, exhaustion, stress, low resistance, lack of concentration and mental inefficiency and has been popular among people who are bothered by:

- feeling the effect of advanced age
- recovering from illness and convalescing
- under excessive stress
- reduced resistance due to chronic illness
- those requiring peak physical and mental performance.

Research shows there to be many active ingredients in North American Ginseng. InnerSense Panex Quinquefolium (North American ginseng) has the highest levels of ginsenosides in the world. InnerSense ginseng supplements are made with North American grown ginseng that is guaranteed not less than 4 years old prior to harvesting.

Each Ginseng capsule contains 500 mg of 100% pure ginseng root powder. No fillers, additives, yeast, milk, egg, color or binders have been added.

Please consult your healthcare practitioner regarding treatment of specific health disorders

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