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EV-1 Food Concentrate

Pure Canadian Elk Velvet Antler

Velvet antler is deer horn that is cut after an extraordinarily rapid growth period of approximately 65 days.

The earliest record of the therapeutic use of velvet antler was found on a silk scroll in a Han Tomb in China dating approximately 168 B.C. Asians believe the deer is a lucky animal and that its velvet antler provides warming nourishment to the body and mind.

Clinical studies and laboratory trials on velvet antler and research on stock raising have been in progress for over 60 years in the former Soviet Union, with most work centered in the Institute of Biologically Active Substances, Vladivostok.

The Russians have produced volumes of study on velvet antler with their research showing such firm and positive results that in 1962, pantocrine, an antler extract, was given approval by their Ministry of Health for general sale.

Research on velvet antler is currently being conducted at the University of Alberta, the University of Guelph, Ontario, and the Universities of Canterbury and Otago, New Zealand.

Being an extremely fast growing tissue, velvet antler is a rich source of growth factor activities and contains a highly complex mixture of organic and inorganic substances.

The protein fraction of velvet antler is reported to include 25 different amino compounds including all the essential amino acids. The amino acid hydrolysate in velvet contains a predominance of glycine, alanine and proline. A full chemical composition is available on request.

Because both the stage of antler growth and the method of preparation can influence the pharmacological activity of velvet antler, InnerSense harvests its velvet antler at the height of potency and then processes it under optimum conditions.

When harvested at prime condition, the antler is actively growing tissue and is not of uniform composition. In order to take advantage of all the nutritional characteristics and benefits of velvet antler, InnerSense utilizes only whole antler beam in its velvet antler products.

InnerSense's antler velvet products are harvested from naturally raised Canadian Wapiti elk, that are provided for and treated with great care and respect.



Each EV- I capsule contains 240 mg of pure Canadian Wapiti velvet antler. No fillers, additives, yeast, milk, egg, color or binders have been added.


Please consult your healthcare practitioner regarding treatment of specific health disorders.

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