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Back Again

Hello? Hello? Is it you? Rags to riches as you grew…

What brings your image here?

Why come back, it’s not your place, not at all your home.

We wake up with smiles on our face, what’s your bitch now?

OH! OH! OH! What happened to you? Where’d your spirit go?

Another fucked up little snot-nosed girl,

Jet Black guitar, safety pins and no pearl,

Another cigarette, your last bit of gel.

Where’d it all go? Oh, so long ago.

You want to stay a while,

We don’t give a shit,

Brings you to the scene, sorry to be so mean.

Can I borrow a dollar, can borrow a 10?

Different priorities, different sized wallets,

Different point of views, we’re not the same as you.

OH!!! NO!! What happened to her? Where, where, where did she go?

Another "fuck-off" little, snotty girl,

Plays her trix, lost too much and doesn’t eat.

Another screw goodnight, you first Hilfiger guy.


© Missing The Anarchists ’98 (Steve Gagnon)



Having fun,

Lying here with you,

Lust and confusion,

Only if I knew.

Don’t really know exactly where I stand,

Could you please explain and lend a helping hand..?



What’s going on in your head?

Am I loosing my mind?

Oh, so confused, all over you.


Here we go again,

It’s all on repeat.

What’s going on?,

Our mind is somewhere else.

Lying here again feeling you close.

Yet your mind is no where near.

What’s going on in your head?

Am I another face?

Oh, so confused, all over you.


© Confused as Hell ’98 (Steve Gagnon)